This is Ray. I got a call from him about a month ago. The county was on the verge of writing him a citation on the condition of his home and property.


He would have taken care of it himself if it weren’t for some catastrophic health events he’d suffered recently. As a result of his diabetes, he had a portion of his foot removed...which led to a series of blood clots...that caused him to suffer 3 strokes...that has significantly interrupted his mobility and ability to work.


I knew immediately that this family was someone GZG would be eager to stand beside. In spite of the daunting challenges he was facing, Ray exuded a warmth, humility, enthusiasm and courage that is inspiring!


A huge thanks to Walt Reddick and Allan Coates for taking on the lion’s share of work in repairing Ray’s home.

Below is a portion of Ray’s note of thanks.


“We want to thank you, the crew, and everyone associated with Ground Zero Grace.
Your kind hands have helped this family when we had this serious issue with our home and my health has been bad.
You've come through for us in a big way.
Alot of the stress before was lifted when you came over saw our issues and helped us.
Our deepest thanks to you.
Your people are very good and have a been a joy to meet.
To see what they can do is simply remarkable.
Thank you your hard work in clearing and clean up our issues.
Best regaurds.
The Freeman Family”