Miracles & Chainsaws

Sometimes...well, most of the time God exceeds your expectations, doesn't He?

He certainly did on our Day of Deliverance for Henry, our 86 year old neighbor who was in dire need of help. The county had put some requirements on him that were just impossible for him to meet following a storm that had taken down some of his trees and demolished a vacant home on is property.


Out of "no where" the Georgia Baptist Disaster Organization showed up with a incredible crew of experienced volunteers and equipment. AND!...I got a call from a local Tree Company offering their services for FREE! AND!...we had a 1/2 dozen GZG volunteers to assist.


It was a joy to see all of these wonderful people working together in perfect harmony, joyfully going about doing good and spending much time in prayer together. A wonderful day.


It's had to describe the amount of work that got done and honestly, pictures don't do it justice!


We're not done. We still have work to do in demolishing the house, filling in the septic and well and a bit more tree work, but the end is in sight.