Help for Henry

Meet Henry(on the far left), our 86 year old neighbor needing some helping hands to clear several trees from his property that fell during a storm some time ago and remove a small abandoned home that was crushed by a giant oak.


He was about to be cited by the county and had not way to fulfill their requirements on his own.

Also pictured are Joe Swafford and Stephen Glass who have stepped up to help with their "chain saw" expertise! Joe is a Certified Disaster Relief Chainsaw Guy and Stephen owns his own Tree Service in the area and has volunteered his skills and equipment. On top of all that, The Georgia Baptist Disaster Organization is sending over 3 of their best Cutters with additional equipment! Amazing, isn't it?!

Some of the GZG Faithful have also committed to being on hand Saturday morning to help clear the debris. It's going to be a great day! Pray for our safety!